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Amy Delaney - March 2008
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February 2008 Photography Issue

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Amy Delaney

Amy Delaney takes pictures and makes them unworldly with Photoshop.
This series of stiched maps gives us New York City in brilliant tones. The Photoshop panaroma is a tour de force. But Delaney also shows us what she can do with Photoshop and hand-drawn images too. And with re-morphed images as well.
Her results are at once beautiful, provocative, original, lasting.
Lower East Side Hand Jive
Central image:
Playful Photoshop manipulation of photos taken of a fence on the lower east side around Avenue B. The fence was around a private garden and had hands cut out of the metal. It was an amazing piece of work. The garden inside was too. Both were the source of many photos.

The border:

Compilation of photos taken while working a brief stint doing delivery and driving around New York City.
Lower New York City Jam

From the series New York City Tableau but with creatures drawn and filled
with the landscape.

Lunar Lady
Originally titled Titan later changed to Lunar Lady.

The center image:
NASA photo of the moon Titan, i.e., a re-morph of a source image.

The border:
Zebra photo manipulated with various filters in Photoshop.
New York City Tableau

Delaney worked for nine months in an office on the 11th floor in Soho, at Grand and 6th Avenue.

The office had floor-to-ceiling windows that went entirely around the building and provided a wonderful 360 degree view of the downtown skyline.

Delaney photographed the skyline entirely from her office address and stitched the photos together in Photoshop in various combinations, with various Photoshop manipulations applied.
Reach Beyond the Box
The foreground:

Delaney drew figures by hand and used their scans in Photoshop, where she applied skins to them.
The background:

Nature shots of lily-padded ponds, scanned into Photoshop, and drawings of 'Florentinian' floors in perspective, also scanned into Photoshop.