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Welcome to The Houston Literary Review
February 2008 Visual Art Issue

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THLR staff are proud to present the visual artistry of
Andrew David King

Andrew David King is a collage artist. His work gives us a re-articulation of the news, an interruption of images which work together as a jump narrative in a story all juxtaposition. Even his self-portraits speak to portraiture not as a still, but as a composition, a series of movements. King shouts, "Rip off the mask. Look here! And here! And here!" His images are the grit of black and white blood, fiery tatoos, and gang grafitti, his theme largely that of violence.
In of world of mixed signals and words that beg us to look away from history, King gives us collages that recognize the skull beneath the skin as if to say, "This is the sign of power, this its incarnation."
Faces of the Fallen                                                 Heaven and Hell

Self-Portrait #1                                                     Self-Portrait #2
Symphony #1, Prelude                                        Symphony # 2, Interlude

Voices                                                             Portrait
Andrew David King, born 1992, is an artist, poet, and editor from California. He's been published alongside Stephen King, Ursula K. Le Guin, Jimmy Santiago Baca, and Neil LaBute, but he enjoys the small press as well. In 2007, his visual art was featured in an exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California. He is the Editor-in-Chief of a small arts journal, Wings of Icarus.
 Please support the arts in southeast Texas and beyond
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