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July 2008 Photography Issue

Cece Chapman
Editor's Note: We do not think that Cece Chapman is currently studying Rainer Maria Rilke, but she seems to have captured a California Carnival version of the Duino Elegies in her photography and in her video.
Indeed, this month Cece Chapman gives us Whisperwish as well as the stills related to Whisperwish, a video from SIGNS,WISHES, and WONDERS, a trio of videos contemplating folk-fairytales, the rainbow bridge of stories connecting our animal instincts and human nature, consciousness and unconsciousness, mystery and magic, ... . In this video, Cece Chapman is the sole actress--she typically uses her fellow employees (hostesses, waiters, busboys, .... ) as her acting crew
--, and her fellow employees also contribute musically. This time, Grat Bodkin provides the score.
Coin Toss
Marquis Marquee
Tiger (1)
Tiger (2)