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Cece Chapman - May 2008
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Welcome to The Houston Literary Review Video & Music
March 2008 Issue

THLR staff are proud to offer our readers additional work by multi-talented artist Cece Chapman.

Cece Chapman: 34 Fate
Cece Chapman has discovered that the undiscovered country called consciousness resides in video, and she asks us to get up and dance to the whistling wind in the viewiing room of Plato's cave while consciousness blinks its merry flicker on the wall. Indeed, with the metaphors mirror, magic, shadow, and mystery, Chapman creates a skin for dream to live in, a skin as thin as a digital shadow. 
In "fat chance," "hoodoo jinx spell," and "trouble," all her triptych "34 Fate,"  Chapman gives us dream as delusion, or as she says, three "videos that question chance, luck, and fate[,] . . . perhaps too closely."
Words on chance from Cece Chapman:
[When I] was walking along thinking about chance, fortune, and probability and fate, very seriously, on the beach, a few weeks ago, between storms, I looked up and saw a dirt plume, and the cliff open, and the whole cliff start to fall on me. .. . [It was] a big cliff, a really big 50 story cliff, and the wind was on shore so I did not hear it falling, and the cliff fell so far out into the ocean it made an island, and I ran like hell ...[,] and I should [have been] dead. [A]nd no one was on the beach except a very tall guy, [a] big guy[,] who said he couldn't believe he saw that happen. . . . [T]hat i ran out. [And he said] ... that he was an ex lifeguard and would have "dug me out". [But] I had to give him a ride home as the 5 mile beach was cut in half. I guess god or whatever was letting me know about chance.

"fat chance" by Cece Chapman,
with MUSIC by Blaine Reininger,
with the Gambler played by Tara

"hoodo jinx spell" by Cece Chapman,
with  Harmonica from Coyle Geary

trouble by Cece Chapman,
with Music by Tim Bodkin,
with Fortune played by Christa Hunter

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