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January 2008 Feature Artist
Texas State Artist of the Year 2007 - David Keens
Professor David Keens established and heads the Glass Program at The University of Texas at Arlington. Keens was awarded the University’s highest Award for Distinguished Record of Creative Activity, inducted into the Academy of Distinguished Scholars, and received a National Endowment of the Arts Full Individual Craftsman Fellowship.
His artwork has been exhibited in major museums in Austria, Belgium, England, Finland, Germany, Holland, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Turkey and the Philippines. Keens has exhibited throughout the United States, including such prestigious venues as the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Institute, the Corcoran Gallery in Washington DC, the Phoenix, Minnesota, and Dallas Art Museums, the Contemporary Crafts Museums in Houston, New York City, and over 150 other national invitational exhibitions.
Keens has had solo exhibitions at a number of museums around the country, and has completed major architectural installations in both public and private venues. Keens was honored as the Texas State Artist for 2007 by the Texas Commission of the Arts and the Texas State Legislature.


Voyage: Blown, kiln formed, and cast glass. 44 x 17


Map (1): Blown and kiln formed glass. 20 x 20


Detail of Map (1): Blown and kiln formed glass. 20 x 20
Map (2):  Blown and kiln formed glass. 20 x 20

Map (3): Blown and kiln formed glass. 20 x 20


Detail of Map (3): Blown and kiln formed glass 20 x 20


Tempesta (1):  Blown glass with gold leaf          Embellished Figure: Brown glass
 and cane. 26 x 9                                                      with silver leaf and cane. 38 x 9

Tempesta (2): Blown glass with gold leaf and cane. 26 x 9
Glass River: 130' long glass ceiling installation with 17' long blown glass wall installation. University Club, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas.
Blooms of Enlightenment Blown glass and steel.
Euless Public Library, Euless, Texas. 20 x 20
Detail of Blooms of Enlightenment: Blown glass and steel.
Euless Public Library, Euless, Texas. 20 x 20