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January 2008 Visual Art Issue

The visual artistry of Jeremy James Thompson
Jeremy James Thompson is a typographer and poet currently working under a scholarship at the Center for Book Arts in New York City. His work focuses on the process of collaboration, the reinvention of propaganda, and the defining of a practical avant-garde. For more information, visit For his influences, here.
Aeromance as Triptych
Autotype #1, against the tyranny of lead

AVANTGARDEN,                                              Animal Collective poster,

commssioned by The Ministry of Assumption        commissioned by The Fillmore, S.F.



AgitProp Ephemera for anonymous Global Warming Campaign



The Road to Help (original text by David Lehman)             Lost Briefcase Conjecture

                                                                                            (original text by Joan Retallack   



Poster & Handbill advertisement(s) for Poetry Plastique: a Gallery of Poetics


Handbill ephemera from Poverty Press
Some old Magic, a pressure print
                                Transfered Throat (original text by Edwin Torres)
                                              Workplay (a more practical Merz?)