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July 2008 Visual Arts Issue

Peter Schwartz
Peter Schwartz is an abstract painter who has dedicated his life to perfecting his art. In addition to having his work featured on over 80 websites, his paintings have appeared in such print journals as Existere, Orange Coast Review, Red Wheelbarrow, Reed, and International Poetry Review. His most recent exhibition was at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in NYC. He is an art editor for both Mad Hatters' Review and Dogzplot. His work can be seen directly at:
Peter Schwartz on the Question of Art and the Collaborative Process:
Yes, it really is funny - how different people react to the idea of collaborating. It lets you know exactly how big a person's ego is. The thing to remember is, the true nature of creation is play. When I paint I am of course hoping that the result will be this really serious, rich, hopefully meaningful piece, but ironically enough, if I actually GO for that goal, it never works. The more whimsical and insane I am, usually the better I do.

The other great thing about collaborating is the element of surprise. I keep telling myself to try my hand at a few oil paintings. I've painted probably thousands of paintings (not keeping them all of course) so contrary to what someone with a bias against the digital form might have, I am a "real" painter. [ . . . So,] on one level it's really not all that different. The beauty of painting digitally is that there are so many more tricks to surprise yourself - like inverting colors or cutting, copying, and pasting. That infinite world of options is really what keeps me coming back time and time again.
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