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 Welcome to The Houston Literary Review
January 2008 Photography Issue

THLR staff happily present the photographic art of
Polly A Raine

Raine writes: I am in transition, constantly, and quite on purpose. My work is evidence of this. To aid in the process of self-discovery and to keep straight my own evolution, I have most recently been using photography as my primary medium.
 Every medium, however, is subject to the occasional experiment. Also included in this collection are collaged images that focus on the self-portrait through object or alternate medium, rather than the photographic image.
Photography is a challenged means of truth, yet it can be a reminder and also evidence: I am a homemaker, a burlesque dancer, and a sprite, I am in mourning and celebration, stagnancy and transcendence.
Each of these Selves is in present contemplation. Perhaps in the process of their making and dissemination, these visual records of my evolution will touch others with the universal human drive for self-awareness.