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Welcome to The Houston Literary Review
January 2008 Photography Issue
THLR is happy to present the photographic artistry and poetry of Australian Richard James

Richard James [Richard James van der Draaij] is an Australian poet, living and working in the West Country in England. He has published several poetry books, details listed at at http://stores.lulu.com/richardjames.
James was also editor of the UK poetry journal Ancient Heart Magazine, which appeared online and in print for a number of years and garnered a loyal following.

James’ style is visionary, highly imaginative and unashamedly Romantic. His poems are featured in many poetry magazines. James is also a keen photographer and looks to capture something of the elusive mystery he believes is at the very heart of life on this troubled globe.
More recently, James is involved in the blogosphere and two of his blogs are located at http://lunarwhispers.co.uk/blog/ and at: http://lionheartsden.blogspot.com/.
Blue Stone Glide

Dublin Elegance

Your tears like ruby crystal
on a string in my hand.
I watch your alabaster smile,
looks down on me, sinner.
Your hazel eyes like music,
blue-rimmed face; kind, wise.
You are not angelic, yet more so.
I walk along with you,
the garden welcomes us both.
Freshly scented, spring survives
my heartfelt lonely despair.
You take my hand, alive and giving,
my world is a kind word,
my heart is a child's,
my faith ultimately yours.

Musee D'Orsay Watching Time
Sleep Time

I wander in a dazy haze,
All eyes up-lit and sparkles,
Memories twine and twinkle near,
And lost is the word I cannot fathom.

I rear up and revel in the grove
Of what once came before.
Voices listen, listen out,
Noting all that moves a-shiver.

Red Corner

Lying alone, sponge-dripped,
Fed on promised whispers,
Oriental island breezes,
Thoughts never quite uttered.
Windows covered with hazy shades,
Glass half empty, perennially,
Nothing stirs, no mention ever
Of anything remotely awkward.
Paradise perceived in 20-20 vision.


Serpentine seams of silver ghosts
appear to lonely finger-shaped clouds
eager to belong, here, there,
Night cloaks down on this old town
and I walk ahead into a dream
of loveless flaws,
exceptions, trickling down
into lakes and liquid vaults
that locked out half my world.

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