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Cece Chapman - May 2008
March 2008 Video-Cece Chapman
Norman Ball March 2008 Video
Rob Tyler March 2008 Video
Chapman & Tyler Feb 2008 Video
Chapman & Tyler Jan 2008 Video
Fall 2007 Video - Cecelia Chapman
Welcome to The Houston Literary Review
February 2008 Video Issue

The Houston Literary Review is happy to have Rob Tyler and Cece Chapman featured for a second time.
Tyler provides our readers another quirky piece called "Magic Hostess" and a very beautiful piece called "Unrecognizable Now."


Rob Tyler

Tyler gives us a wonderfully philosophical video in "Unrecognizable Now," a.k.a "UNRec Now," an abbreviation which nicely (mis-)translates to "un-record now." Watching dump trucks dump scraped snow gives us practical insight into the process of being unveiled, something Heideggerian Anlichtung does not: an economy of surfaces.
This unveiling of the landscape has a cold and icy beauty. But this beauty does not lose itself in mysticism. Rather, it faces what is harsh, thrown like a note from a piano against asphalt and concrete. It is a dirge, funeral music for snowy veils.
Tyler also gives us a visceral humor in "Magic Hostess," a piece unrelated in subject matter to "Unrecognizable Now," but analogically, a like philosophical investigation into surfaces, the odd, juicy surfaces as revealed by can openers. 
More from Tyler can be seen on YouTube and Vimeo.

Cece Chapman
Cece Chapman also returns as a special guest with her own page featuring a graphic story called "Mr. Ed" and a video called "The New York Times." 
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