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The Second Installment
The Houston Literary Review is happy to present the work of returning artist Cecelia Chapman and first time here artist Rob Tyler.  

Chocolate by Ben Crouch
Rob Tyler
Rob Tyler is new to The Houston Literary Review. His work is quirky. It focuses on ordinary objects and ordinary situations, often from the point of view of the mundane thing itself. His technique captures something absurd, even tedious, about our object rituals and opens them up to question. But while his presentations keep a stiff upper lip, they are undeniably fun. Anyone remember a TV show called Night Flight?
shopping cart                                                a closer look at parking lots                     with color safe bleach 
For more on Rob Tyler, check out
Cecelia Chapman
From her Northern California world of waitressing, surfing, and art making, Cecelia Chapman presents a wonderful series called The Shaman Is Out.
The magic is strong.
i want to fly                                                    dogmystic                                                       Mr. Lucky
Cathedral of Algorithm by Jeff Crouch