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     The Houston Literary Review

The Review has embarked on another year of publication. Founded and staffed by volunteer editors, THLR works to promote the best poetry, prose, short stories, and visual art from Texas and beyond.
The Review's contributors are artists representing countries from around the world. THLR staff is especially interested in promoting creative  writers, visual artists, photographers and art in general.
The Review will not publish art that promotes violence, the gratuitous use of profanity, religious intolerance or bigotry. Visual art must demonstrate good taste and not offend the young, the meek, the unprotected, the sensitive.

The Review plans publish a print magazine of work the end of this year/the beginning of the next. The hope is that through this publication We can share more with our contributors and readers. Feel free to contact Us directly with any questions regarding the print issue at: -

Whether you are a veteran craftsman or learning to use your voice or artistic sight, The Houston Literary Review wants to hear from you.

We welcome unsolicited submissions.




Submissions should be sent as a Microsoft Word document attachment. Provide your contact information on the first page of your submission: name, address, telephone number, email address and a brief biographical sketch about your current interests and your publishing history, or why you are becoming an artist.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but notice must be given immediately upon receipt of notification that a manuscript has been accepted elsewhere.

Submit original, unpublished poems (or short stories) (published pieces with publication details). Remember, a work is published if accepted by a publisher in any medium, including online publication, or if it is posted to an online forum that is accessible to the public.

Submit approximately three poems for consideration in an issue unless submitting for a special section. Please send the submissions, bio and pic in a single document

Submit no more than two short stories for consideration in an issue unless submitting for a special section.

Visual artists and photographers are asked to submit a segment of work that best illustrates their talent and point of view. Visual art should contain a written descriptive framework that enables viewers an opportunity to better understand the creator's perspective.

If selected for Publication:

We will request a portrait-style digital photograph for a profile that will be published in the Houston Literary Review.

Statement of Rights and Intent to Publish

Submission to The Houston Literary Review for publication constitutes a grant of license to publish. The Houston Literary Review retains First-Time Publication Rights and the right to publish the work in a subsequent publication including any reprintings of the same publication. Copyright reverts to the artist following publication. The right to publish not withstanding, The Houston Literary Review shall be under no obligation to publish any poem, writing or other submission to which it retains such right to publish.


Simultaneous submission of material that is subsequently accepted for publication elsewhere places an affirmative duty on the person submitting the material to notify the editors of such acceptance for publication. Persons submitting for publication further indemnify against the claims of others and hold The Houston Literary Review harmless for any failure on their part to notify The Houston Literary Review of any agreement for publication of their work by others, or disposition of the rights to the material that may be held by another party.

We request that You send a third-person bio with a photo to accompany your work.

We would also like to inform You that your email address will be added to our mailing list. You will receive notification when the next issue is published.

Your work may appear in our bi-annual publication.