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Welcome to The Houston Literary Review
August 2007 Short Story II Section

In this issue of THLR, we are providing links to short stories in MS Word format to preserve the integrity and readibility of the artists' works. 
Linking documents also allows THLR staff to devote more time to copy editing and hopefully provide more time in the future to offer illustrations with short stories to increase the visual experience of our readers. 
Please feel free to contact editor@thehoustonliteraryreview.com with your thoughts, likes, dislikes so we may continue to provide our readers with the best possible products.

THLR is happy to publish a new work by Donna Vitucci. Donna's stories touch many emotional chords and provide readers an opportunity to taste and savor the voices, thoughts, and struggles of her characters.


Donna Vitucci 
Donna's short story Look for Regret is the opening chapter of Donna’s completed short novel AT BOBBY TRIVETTE'S GRAVE.

Donna Vitucci’s fiction has appeared in Beloit Fiction Journal, Mid-American Review, Southern Indiana Review, Natural Bridge, Faultline, Hawaii Review, The Mochila Review, Kennesaw Review, Zone 3, Stickman Review, Main Street Rag, Meridian, nidus, Gargoyle, Literary Mama, Oklahoma Review, MO: Writings from the River, Ward 6 Review and Steel City Review (both current online issue), and others.
Donna resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.


THLR is proud to offer our readers the short story The Scales of Rhadamanthus by Stephen O'Connor.
Stephen O'Connor was born and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts, and resides on the same street where Jack Kerouac once lived. He has also worked briefly in Western Mass, a year in Dublin, working under the table, going to school, playing Irish fiddle music (and carrying out a study of the comparative virtues of Guinness and Murphy's Stout), and about a year working in France.
Back in Lowell, Stephen fromed an alliance with Colombia by marrying the incomparable Olga Maria Ortiz Flores Jurado Vasquez Velasquez (O'Connor). They have two children, aged 16 and 11, so they spend a lot of anxious time.
Steve has published in The Massachusetts Review, Watchword, Three Candles, The Bridge Review, The Oregon Literary Review, and of course Irish America Magazine and Fiddler Magazine. His bimonthly essays can be heard via podcast at the WUML Lowell Sunrise web site. O'Connor is delighted to have his work accepted by The Houston Literary Review, the first time he's ventured in print below the Mason Dixon line.
/Documents/Stephen_OConner.doc The Scales of Rhadamanthus

THLR completes this fiction issue with a first work byTalia Kolluri. Talia's short story While the Baby Cried is a mystery within a pyscho-drama. Beware what you hold in your hearts, they may materialize in your mind and life in ways you could not know.
Talia Kolluri was born and raised in Silicon Valley. She holds degrees from the University of California, Santa Barbara and the University of Minnesota Law School. Talia is an avid daydreamer and uses the magical nature of dreams and the specters of ghost stories to influence her fiction.
She lives in California with her husband and a smart collection of tropical fish. This is her first published piece.