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Welcome to The Houston Literary Review
August 2007 Visual Art II Section

THLR is happy to have the privilege of presenting the visual artistry of Claudio Parentela of Italy. Thanks to Claudio's efforts, THLR will also showcase additional work in the October issue.

Readers can find out more about Claudio's work through the following links:


(''Claudio Parentela:Contemporary Art with a Freakish Taste! '')

(other web site&gallery)

(other web site&gallery)


(''The eXTra finGer '':my art-blog with a lot of new interviews to the best undeground artists every week)

(''foggy GRIZZLY'':last&new&new&last my art blog...Interviews...weird art...&more...)

(''LADy LaMb&Popsy''...other art blog...)

 (''ENVY&LUst ''...&&&again art blog...)






Here is a preview of Claudio's work forthcoming in the October issue...


Water Color 12 2007