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The Houston Literary Review  


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in southeast Texas and beyond.


In the March 2008 issue:

March 2008 Poetry   March 2008 Fiction



Gary Beck

Gary Coburn

Mary Grabar

Joseph Goosey

John Grey

Michael Johnson

Ken Jones

David McLean

Robert Tiffin

Patricia Tyrer


Video Presentations


Rob Tyler


Cecelia Chapman

 The Review Staff


Bill Brocato

Executive Editor


Jeff Crouch

Visual Arts Editor


Vince Canizaro Jr.

Poetry Editor



  LIT MAG CENTRAL @laurahird.com





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Fiction Writers


Roland Goity

Paul Kavanagh

Michael McManus

Terry Sanville

Edward Wells


Featured Visual Artist


Joseph Nechvatal




  Amy Delaney


Diana Magallon


Jeff Crouch


Visual Artists


Richard Bilow








THLR editorial staff believe life without art is no life at all. 




 artwork by Texan

Gery Wyche