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Summer 2006 Featured Poet



In our Summer 2006 issue, Vince Canizaro, a life-long resident of Southeast Texas is presented.


Vince is well recognized for his artistry as a poet and a playwright. He is also a helluva 12-string guitar picker, photographer, high school teacher and all around nice guy. He has allowed us to place some of his latest work here for your reading enjoyment. Seldom are there writers with his abilities and kindness found strolling the streets of Houston, Texas.


Sea Beans

a morning sun

casts its shadow

on the silent hut

of the beachcomber,

dreams of lions
and sea beans.

New Year 2006 Issue Highlights

A word from
Bill Brocato, author of Freight Train...
Too often the cadence of time passes unheard, unseen, unrealized. In this piece, I hope to reawaken our sense of mortality. Certainly there are times in life when the beauty of an experience is lost amid the emotional struggle of the moment.
Even the life of a hopeless vagrant can find substance if they become aware of the gifts offered. Death, suffering, loss of faith can be overcome with the smallest of encouragement.

Freight Train

Aroused from a vagrant slumber,
I wash our morning's vanquished sex
from beside a cloudless pool.
I hear the clackity-clacking
western-bound freight train
and Helen's laughing shadow
racing along the boot-black railroad tracks.
I feel the rich Neches river clay
beneath my feet and fill my lungs
with the unwashed scents of
post cards mailed from faraway places.
Arms pumping in the heated
East Texas breeze, I glance back,
remember the chores and books
left unread.
My legs are old, I say;
she laughs, encouraging my steps
with a glance of her swollen breast.
I race to grab hold her
dew-worn smile and cheat
the boxcar's silent wheels.
A work from poet Bill Brocato




 Circus Days

dancing blue clouds

coiled knotted  cable

a tattered circus tent


gnarled clay body,
falling into the abyss

as we embrace.


-Bill Brocato