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Welcome to The Houston Literary Review
Fall 2007 Visual Arts Pages

THLR is proud to offer our readers a glimpse of the powerful imagery of Peter Ciccariello.

Ciccariello is an interdisciplinary artist, poet, and photographer,
who also experiments with the fusion of text and images in
3-D computer graphics environments, and explores the possibilities
of poetry as landscape.


Ciccariello's recent work has appeared both in print & online in, amongst other places,
New River Journal, dbqp: visualizing poetics, Oregon Literary Review, The Long Island Quarterly,
MOCA The Museum of Computer Art, Otoliths, and Word For/ Word – A journal of new writing.
His book Imaginal Landscapes, was published by Xexoxial Editions.
Links to his current online work is found at http://invisiblenotes.blogspot.com


Antidiluvian Relic




Howl Sleeping




Poor Yorick in Lyrical Land









In the Belly of the Beast II






Mars Web





Walk on Guilded Splinters