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Japan Art -- a unique Houston Gallery.
The Houston Literary Review is proud to feature one of Houston's most unique cross-cultural visual art galleries in Southeast Texas.

Houston is home to a cutting edge, contemporary fine arts Japanese dealership.
JapanArt.org, LLC promotes Japanese artists and their artwork to the public and collectors in the United States and Europe and provides artists a unique opportunity to reach the American and European fine art markets, collectors the opportunity to see and purchase artwork, and the public an opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture and art, with an easy to access website featuring blog, photo galleries, and artist profiles.

Principals in the company are Barbara Radnofsky and Seth Davidson.
Radnofsky is recognized as one of the top lawyers in America, rated a “super lawyer”. She retired from Vinson & Elkins after twenty-seven years, as a full partner and as head of the alternative dispute resolution section. Radnofsky was the Texas Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in 2006.
Davidson has lived and worked in Japan and on Japan-related projects for over twenty years. He has worked as a consultant for art and museum projects in the United States and Japan.
Associate Katie Floyd has a background in sales, marketing, and communications. She has worked in a variety of industries including sports, oil and gas, and politics.
To learn more, visit the gallery's website at www.japanart.org
or write to Katie and Seth at:







Ikuzo Fujiwara will be in to Houston on October 2-6 for lectures, ceramics exhibit, and meetings to discuss commissions. Fujiwara and his son Ayato's work will be featured in the August issue of The Houston Literary Review.
Please visit JapanArt.org for upcoming events, and current artists showcased there.


Ikuzo Fujiwara


 Ayato Fujiwara
Ayato Fujiwara, 31, is part of the ceramic revolution in Japan, creating human figures of significant size, with intimate attention to expression, in a medium once exclusively reserved for pottery.
Fujiwara’s large scale human figure sculpting in ceramics is revolutionary, and the size of his expressive pieces distinguishes him at an early age. His sculptures murmur, speak, and communicate in a most modern way through this most traditional of media.
Fujiwara holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Tokyo University of Fine Arts.


Ceramic by Ikuzo Fujiwara

Sculpture by Ayato Fujiwara

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