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The Houston Literary Review is proud to present works by Ikuzo and Ayato Fujiwara of Tokyo.

The two internationally acclaimed artists are featured at The Japan Art Gallery located in Houston. Ikuzo Fujiwara will lecture at the University of Houston School of Architecture in early October.

Ikuzo Fujiwara, 60, is a respected and much admired landscape artist, ceramic muralist, and sculptor. He is a graduate of the most prestigious art school in Japan, the Tokyo University of Fine Arts.
Ikuzo's reputation is established with over 500 installations in major buildings throughout Japan including Tokyo University’s School of Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan Railway, National School of Nursing, and the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Research Center. He works with architects and engineers to create custom ceramic mural wallscapes and landscape installations. The architects and engineers in Japan who have commissioned work from Mr. Fujiwara are particularly impressed with the quality and soundness of his work.







Ayato Fujiwara, 31, holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Tokyo University of Fine Arts.


Ayato is part of the ceramic revolution in Japan, creating human figures of significant size, with intimate attention to expression, in a medium once exclusively reserved for pottery. His five “gospel singers” are well known for their expressiveness and use of platinum glaze. His sculptures murmur, speak, and communicate in a most modern way through this most traditional of media. Mr. Fujiwara’s large scale human figure sculpting in ceramics is revolutionary, and the size of his expressive pieces distinguishes him at an early age.