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Welcome to The Houston Literary Review
Letters to the Editor
THLR staff welcome comments from readers and contributors alike. We hope this forum provides our readers and contributors an active role in the content and design of THLR website.

Richard Badalamente writes:
I enjoy the Review's eclectic variety of literature and art. You've attracted talented people.

I particularly liked Chrissa Sandlin's poetry (February 2008 issue)-- sweet without being self conscious. And Don Bloch used rock climbing to good effect in his poetry as well.

The visual art is so powerful and beautiful. An I admire the use of Jeff's (Crouch) art throughout the fiction and poetry pages. His work really is great.

THLR looking good!   

V. Darbonne writes:
Awesome, THLR staff.
The site has some incredible work, and your presentation of it and organization of it showcases that. The visual arts section is breath-taking to say the least and Jeff Crouch should be commended for his efforts.
The Polly Raine photography is interesting.
The other photo and visual arts are full of eye candy.
So Cool!
People should really take notice of what you're doing with THLR as an artistic forum.

Laura Hird writes:

Just to let you know, I really like your site and have added a link to it in the Lit Mag Central section of my own site. If you want to have a look and let me know if there's anything you'd like me to add/delete, the page address is: http://www.laurahird.com/litmagcentral.html 


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