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Welcome to The Houston Literary Review
March 2008 Fiction Issue
THLR is proud to offer our readers the short fiction of Roland Goity, Paul Kavanagh,
Michael McManus, Terry Sanvile, and Edward Wells II.
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  Roland Goity lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, and received his MFA from San Diego State University in 2006.
His stories appear or are forthcoming in Fiction International, Scrivener Creative Review, The Bryant Literary Review, Talking River Review, SUB-LIT, Conte and The Foliate Oak.
Roland reviews new fiction for the San Francisco Chronicle as well as new albums for OnlineRock.
Currently, he is editing a literary anthology on rock music and culture.

Paul Kavanagh lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.
He is happy.
His wife is happy. Together they are happy.
His book everybody is interested in pigeons
has found a home at 40ft and so too is happy.

Michael P. McManus has published short stories and poems have appeared in numerous publications, including The Dublin Quarterly, R-KV-R-Y, Contrary Magazine, ONTHEBUS, Atlanta Review, Prism International, Burnside Review, Pittsburgh Quarterly, West Wind Review, Square Lake, Rattle, Louisiana Literature, Texas Review, among others.
He is the recipient of a Fellowship from the Louisiana Division of the Arts, the Virginia Prize from The Lyric,
and most recently The Ocean’s Prize from Sulphur River Literary Review.
Terry Sanville lives in San Luis Obispo, California with his artist-poet wife (his in-house editor) and two cats (his in-house critics).
He writes full time, producing short stories, essays, the occasional poem, and novels (that are hiding in his closet, awaiting editing).
Since 2005, his short stories have been accepted by more than 60 literary and commercial journals, magazines, and anthologies (both print and online) including Foliate Oak, Storyteller, La Fenetre Magazine, and the Loch Raven Review.
Terry is a retired urban planner and an accomplished jazz and blues guitarist – who once played with a symphony orchestra backing up jazz legend George Shearing.

Writer: nearing 30; nearly embarrassing to admit the length of my practice considering the successes (by some measures).

*mild+ studies of the 'historical' in Universities
*moderate+ studies of 'moderns' independently and in University
*moderate+ studies of 'experimental forms, methods, & assessments' independently

ILP anthology (print and online), print 'book' form publication titled 'from' (self-published through Lulu), online at York family website

Current Work/Project: attempting to find a native Mexican multi-lingual (Spanish and English) living in Mexico to coAuthor a 'book'
Editor of please online Arts magazine [http://pleasemagazine.awardspace.com/]

I have learned more about literature and writing (since beginning a serious look) than I knew existed. And while I've had a # of successes in the field of studying(assessment, deconstruction, recreation / utilization) writing; I have recently begun a sober attempt at publication , specifically as a method of communication.