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Spring 2007 Photography Issue

We are happy to publish the photographic efforts  of Sally Charette.




Sally Charette writes and thrives in the high desert mountains of northeastern Los Angeles County.  She has published fiction and non-fiction in literary and mainstream journals, and was a PEN Emerging Voices fellow in 1998.  The main character in the novel she’s working on is a photographer, so she thought she’d better get serious about her time behind the lens.  This is her first photography publication.


Sally's blog address is:



Cactus Bloom



I like the contrast of worn wood and fresh paint.  Work done. 

Garden wall transformed, Sally.


Ladder & Garden Wall


Sally Charette




Abandoned Truck
Sally Charette 


Abandoned objects, like the trucks I found near a secluded campground, beg for explanation.  Were they left there in the hope that they could be restored someday or with despair at the cost of replacement? Sally.



Sally Charette


My neighbor thinks ravens are pests.  If she spent some time watching them play in the currents created when the wind meets the hills behind our house, her assumptions might change.  They’re clever and strong.  They might even be watching over us.


Stalking Raven


 Sally Charette