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Amy Delaney - March 2008
Diana Magallon and Jeff Crouch - March 2008
Amy Delaney - February 2008
Richard James - January 2008
Diana Magallon - January 2008
Polly A Raine - January 2008
Fall 2007 - Matina Stamatakis
Fall 2007 - Richard Tannery
Fall 2007 - Jeff Crouch
August 2007 - Carolyn Adams
Summer 2007 - Vedrana Mastela & Richard Tannery
Spring 2007 - Sally Charette
January 2007 - Jeff Crouch & Sina Ann Millikin
The Houston Literary Review
2007 Summer Photography Issue

The Review is happy to introduce the photographic work of
Vedrana Mastela from Zagreb, Croatia and the reconstruction images from Iraq of Richard Tannery.

The Iraq photographic images of Richard Tannery.


 Hiding from Justice



A Home away from Home

A land under revision


Post-modern urban renewal 

The work of Vedrana Mastela
She writes: I finished artistic high school and now I’m studying fashion design at Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb. I love exploring my own creativity. I create and write, travel trough my own thoughts, dreams, and worlds inside.
In my work I capture moments and feelings from my life. My poems are published by Noble House Publishers and The International Library of Poetry, some poems, drawings and textile design in editions of te_a_tro.
my blog:


Legs & Feet below


Feet & Legs at Rest