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Welcome to the Houston Literary Review
Summer 2007 Visual Art II page
The staff at The Review are proud to present the artistic works
of Donna Kuhn and Texan Gery G. Wyche.

Donna Kuhn is an author, poet, dancer, visual and video artist living in Northern California. She maintains a blog at http://digitalaardvarks.blogspot.com
The artistic works found below and styles are:
Fix My Hair (mosaic video still)
Space Mask (digital altered book page)
Clean Your Teeth (digital altered book page)
Zebra Dance (digitally painted video still)
Grief Pebbles (digitally painted video still)
Dark (digitally painted video still)



Clean Your Teeth




Grief Pebbles


Space Mask


Zebra Dance


Fix My hair 

The paitings and sculptures of Texas and Houston artist Gery G. Wyche
My art consist of a series of both paintings and sculptures that are primarily from my interests in various subjects and themes. I like to explore the different forms of expressions and styles that my materials provide. It is through content, color, form, and texture that my work speaks for itself.
Generally, I like to choose my painting subjects from the forms in nature that delight and capture my imagination. Most of my wood sculptures are carved and painted into figurative sport themes and others are abstracted forms. Meditation, music, and traveling are also ways that I receive inspiration to paint and sculpt.
Gery is an art instructor with the Fort Bend Independent School District in Sugarland, Texas.

Red, White, and Blue
Acrylic and Oil Paint Stick on Canvas


Rolling Red Hot Texas Hill Country #1
Acrylic and Oil Paint Stick on Canvas


Jump Ball #2
Acrylic on Oak



Great Catch
Acrylic on Oak, Granite