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Cece Chapman - May 2008
March 2008 Video-Cece Chapman
Norman Ball March 2008 Video
Rob Tyler March 2008 Video
Chapman & Tyler Feb 2008 Video
Chapman & Tyler Jan 2008 Video
Fall 2007 Video - Cecelia Chapman
Welcome to The Houston Literary Review 2008
Video & Music Issues 
THLR staff hope you enjoy the variety of artists presented in each issue.
We are extremely proud of our contributors from the West Coast and across the United States
and welcome your thoughts, suggestions, and contributions as well.
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In the March 2008 issue we present the work of multi-talented artists Cece Chapman and Rob Tyler.


To view Rob's work click here.


THLR staff are also happy to present the work of Norman Ball.


Norman Ball, a musician and videographer from Virginia, is like the kid in the swing

attempting to go higher and higher until swing and swinger go over the top.

Ball builds "big moment" events from the echoes he makes of momentual artifacts.

Indeed, Ball cranks the volume to 11 and holds the microphone close to the butterfly's wings.

His method is quotation, whether the quotation contain image, sound, or word.

His effect is reverb, the bounce from one quotation to another with one quotation amplifying another.

And the big event?

It is the kind of amplification Tesla might dream of,

just not in Ball's terms of image, sound, and word.


In this issue we present the work of Rob Tyler and Cece Chapman.

In this issue we introduce our readers to the astounding imagination
and technical skills of Rob Tyler.


Fall 2007 Issue