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Cece Chapman - May 2008
March 2008 Video-Cece Chapman
Norman Ball March 2008 Video
Rob Tyler March 2008 Video
Chapman & Tyler Feb 2008 Video
Chapman & Tyler Jan 2008 Video
Fall 2007 Video - Cecelia Chapman
Welcome to The Houston Literary Review
Inaugural Fall 2007 Video Clips Pages

 In this issue THLR presents the video productions of fiction writer, poet, photographer, and director Cecelia Chapman.
 Cecelia writes: Personally I want to make short loops that look like old fabric or worn canvas paintings...that are subtle modern paintings for the screen...or hand-held devices...like video koans... In ON THE RUN I want to show the inanity of busy life, bypassing even pleasures and out the back again in search of who knows what... It all stems from my ongoing interest in all my work in the human hunger for adventure, mystery and illusion...
Check out her site at ceceliachapman.com.