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January 2007 - Jeff Crouch & Sina Ann Millikin
Welcome to the January 2007 Photography Issue


In this issue we have once again the wonderful artistry of Jeff Crouch.

We are also proud to include in this issue the works of Sina Ann Millikin.



Jeff Crouch writes:


Houston Series: Except for the shot of the single jellyfish, the rocket/jellyfish series is a combination of shots. The pictures of the jellyfish were taken at the aquarium at Moody Gardens in Galveston. The pictures of the rockets were taken at NASA in Houston. I used photo-editing software to crop and morph the photographs somewhat. The main technique here is that photo-editing software allows two or more shots to be merged. So, I picked out some shots of jellyfish and some shots of rockets and merged the ones I thought would combine well: one jellyfish per rocket. It's a process of trail and error to find interesting combinations, but hopefully, I produced a few. Galveston Series: I took these shots on the Galveston beach (across from the Holiday Inn) and then tried to find lighting combinations and photo-editing morphing techniques (negative, hue and situation) that allowed traditional beach shots to become something different.




Sina Millikin is a freelance photographer in metro Atlanta, Georgia.  She has had a number of professional assignments, with Eternal Hope for Haiti being the most rewarding.  Sina sells digital photography and has been contracted to photograph political events with notables such as Lt. Col Oliver North.  Sina takes stylized photos pro bono for various charities with the elderly, hospice, and animal shelters.  Favorite subjects are children, elderly, and nature.  She is fascinated with seeing the unusual and beautiful in everyday scenes and often enhances that essence through abstraction.  


All of her work begins with a simple photograph and then she uses filters in Photoshop 6.0.  This is her first foray into the world of publishing. These photos were achieved with hue-and-saturate.   Please take a look at her online gallery.






Jellyfish in Flight


by Jeff Crouch


Space can be as cold as winter










Resting by Sina Millikin
 Winter by Sina Millikin



Jeff Crouch's Galveston Beach images provide
warmth amid winter's chill


Jeff's Boothill gate, well, reminds us of an old cliche:


Anytime spent above ground is better than the alternative.