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The Houston Literary Review
January 2007 Poetry Issue II

The Houston Literary Review is proud to present the poetry of Christopher Mulrooney.
Certainly a craftsman who takes the ordinary and not-so ordinary and brings psychology, spirituality and physics  to life, Mulrooney is an exceptional talent that speaks to everyone and no one.



rules of conduct





the modules concerning this aspect of the governing game

rules will be itemized as follows


you have only fifty minutes once initialization has begun to modify the objective


there is no starting point the end is achieved by saturation


here we go now


outlines of the game field indicate a concourse or holding area as the prime or standard itinerary


the mind plays tricks and is therefore indefensible

abandon it




the standard concourse has a way of walking peculiar to it by nature


this can be obviated if rule number one is observed

rule number one cannot fail


the absolute spectrum of all levels is tantamount to a presidium

you ascend


next player ascends to all levels to sustain all operations

operations are conducted under the auspices of rule number two


ask your mommy


Christopher Mulrooney


my fair and faith





 it includes


right out of the chute


a fat pig ridin’ the rails


lookin’ out for love


in these Western states


or back East


on the town steps


preaching in a vair gown


against the bougainvillea


or maybe once and for all


in the Midwest


a sanctified lot


or dirt area


overseas it’s a fine guillotine


or macerated vine


of hemlock


in the arena


of love




Christopher Mulrooney


the witchfinder





if any head or harm this devil


I decry thee for a witch


if these bouts


as who


which they say


were hay marry


would I just now conceptualize


the very merry couplings


down by the riverside


why so would I



Christopher Mulrooney






Artwork by Diana Magallon