Disconnected Paragraphs

I think that if you know that all your friends like let’s see the question here is do you want the I stay centered around the one factor that has shaped us or multiple it kind of depends on depends on you and what if there are two big factors that have really shaped you we want to hear about both of them if they if they fit logically together but if you have a lot of factors that don’t logically fit together and it’s just like very disconnected paragraphs you might want to reconsider and and choose one of those I talked about that it’s not that we’re we don’t know what you’re leaving out so it’s that we’re not going to be able to get in your head and say oh oh you know what but he left out this thing or she left out this detail of your life.

We won’t know that so um just write whatever you write about make sure that you describe it well to us and and show us exactly who you are because of that factor I guess yeah I think it’s just a new more sort how the pieces fit together come together then go for it and goes back to what you want to convey and what want us to know about you I think someone here Samantha here said an embarrassing story that maybe changed your view on a topic and experience that changes your view or possibly a lasting project or Club that changed you I know the question is which one should we choose until you’re here asking Samantha which one should we talk about any of those depending on really what how that changed you and what impact made on you can take me one last question here do you have anything else add to them about making a strong essay two of you like why find another excellent question let me cover you so much today already it’s hard to think about what we may have left out looks like everybody is pretty similar in their questions I wouldn’t say that if you are able to use humor in your essay agree.

And I think what we see very commonly I mean the short answer is really where we see students personality come through because people snippets that you can answer the question creatively or come in a funny way and job comparisons to things and that’s really one piece that we really enjoy reading no it’s it was good to show entities I think the last question here is should we talk about our future aspirations as well in these essays and I think that you know what you want to be doing in your future tends to tends to to stem from what happened in your past so yeah I think that’s great all right well thank you all for attending and yes the answer to the question is if we’ll have this up so if you want to look at this again feel free if some of you are having issues hearing us.