How to select a good argumentative essay topic

Selecting a topic for an argumentative essay requires a good controversial topic, it’s as simple as that you need to select a debatable topic. Do your background research, think of your arguments and get ready to talk to your audience. On the other hand, overall success of your paper doesn’t rely on the topic as much as your preparation.

If you prepare well, think about your arguments, organize them in a logical way and back them up with research-based evidence. You’re in good shape now. Sometimes, selecting an argumentative essay topic can be difficult, especially if you don’t have any ideas as to where to look for topics, so to help you, we have written down the list of argumentative essay topics that might help you, so let’s name a few from that list:

Computer games have a negative effect on individuals.

Is the use of animals for research purposes justified?

Is the death penalty justified?

Single-parent children behavior is different than that of children with both parents.

Media has an influence on the female perception of body image. Agree or disagree.

If you’re looking for more ideas check out the Edusson website and good luck with your argumentative essay!

The ability to create a convincing argument plays an important role in your life, both personally and professionally. Sometimes your attempt to persuade will be mundane, let’s see that New Mexican place instead of the usual. Sometimes the argument may be with yourself and the outcome life-changing: should I leave America for that great new job in Bulgaria? Often the argument will be work-related: dear company president we must invest in new security software regardless of time, place or purpose. You want your arguments to be sound and persuasive the question is: How do you accomplish that to be effective? Your argument should have a thesis that states your position on the topic, this position is sometimes called your claim and it has two parts the topic, plus your opinion on the topic, but those two parts together into a single sentence and you should have a strong thesis for your argument.