Process of writing an argumentative essay

We are going to learn the process of writing an argumentative essay. We normally use a five paragraph structure common in other types of essay with two arguments supporting our view and one against. This is not the only way to write an essay. Six paragraphs are also often used today we will use five which is also known as a hamburger essay. This is made up of an introduction three body paragraphs and a conclusion.

Let’s start at the beginning in this section we’re going to analyze the question and plan our argumentative essay effectively. It’s important to plan your argumentative essay. First, this ensures your reader, can follow the progression of your argument in an exam, it will also mean you get good marks. For organization and structure look, for clues in the essay question this will tell you what the task requires. Find these and they will help you answer. It effectively the main clues we can get from the texts are why indicates that you need to give a reason. This is your purpose, the keyword study and history tell us a subject we are writing about. Why study and history should be underlined? This is asking your opinion so it requires your voice. Write an essay of 300 to 500 words, this shows how many words you need to write, remember the examiner doesn’t want to read too much or too little. We have to give both sides of the argument in this essay so that means we will write two paragraphs supporting our opinion or and one paragraph presenting an opposing argument.

Now we’ve analyzed the question, we need to do a plan. We’re going to write a five paragraph essay consisting of an introduction, three body paragraphs, two explaining our opinion or stand and the other the opposing argument and a conclusion.

Now we know our basic structure, we need to choose a method to plan our essay. There are several different ways to do this such as a spider diagram a positive and negative table a flowchart. Today we’re going to use a spider diagram. Next consider what the main points you want to make are decide on your opinion or stand about the question. First you need to ask yourself these questions and note down your answers:

Do you enjoy studying history? Why? or Why not? Do you think that there is any value in studying it? Why not?

This is the basis for your brainstorm, next consider the main points you want to make decide your opinion about the question is studying history a good or bad thing. To answer this essay question we have decided that it is a good thing put your question in a circle in the center of the page then write as many ideas as you can for and against the argument. Decide which points are positive and negative, choose the two strongest ideas to support your opinion. You will need to think of an additional point connected to each followed by an example, so choose the point you have the most to write about these will be your main ideas for body paragraphs 1 & 2.

Now write a topic sentence for each one this should summarize the whole paragraph in a short clear sentence it will be a general point. The sentences that follow will give more specific information about that point, check that they are related to the question and your opinion. Yes, they are now. Imagine someone is arguing against your opinion what would they say this is your counterpoint.

Now you have the main ideas for each of your body paragraphs. In this article we have looked at layout question analysis and planning. Don’t forget to keep it simple, write a five paragraph argumentative essay, read the question and circle the clues. They will help you give a correct answer. Always plan your essay, your opinion and your topic sentences.