Top 5 Psychology Books on Relationships and Love

The relationship between man and woman is a paradoxical thing. It seems that they cannot live without each other, but at the same time, it is difficult for them to coexist peacefully. How to find the golden mean? A lot of books have been written about it. Some give useful tips, while others point to common mistakes and ways to overcome them. Nonetheless, all psychology books about relationships have the same goal, they want to help you create a strong, long-lasting union, where each partner can find a common language, accept and respect the opinion of their partner.

  1. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

The book tells about the ways of manifestation of love, the so-called "love languages," the "syntax" of which each couple should know and be able to apply. This is about a tactile contact (one of the main ways to feel love), and words (gratitude, praise). The author argues that the key to solving all problems is precisely the right language of love. This book will help everyone in this difficult task.

  1. Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus by John Gray

This is one of the most popular books about the relationship between a man and a woman, whose advice have really saved more than one hundred couples. The author focuses on the differences between the different sexes. Thanks to this instruction, it is possible not only to improve relationships but also to find out how differently men and women feel, think and behave in a given situation.

  1. Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey

This is an international bestseller. It provides women with an opportunity to better understand men and build relationships with them. Here are the answers to all relevant questions that women concern about. The author is trying to overcome one important problem when a woman turns to another woman for advice. In his opinion, only another man can understand the behavior of the man as well as his line of thinking. The author gives many useful tips, based on his own experience.

  1. Women Who Love Too Much by Robin Norwood

Over the years of practice, the psychotherapist Robin Norwood has collected dozens of stories, some of which she tells in this book, considering the reasons why most women who seek love often face men’s misunderstanding, self-centeredness, and inattention. According to the author, all the problems come from childhood because the influence of the environment largely affects the future choice of a partner. If love brings suffering, pain, tears, if a woman chooses bad guys, if she is constantly abandoned and used, if she feels psychological pressure, but she cannot leave her partner, then she loves too much. 

  1. The Power of the Pussy – How to Get What You Want from Men by Kara King

Do you want to make men dream of you and get excited just looking at you? Do you want to win respect and never be disappointed in them? This book about relationships can teach you how to achieve everything you want over time. The book contains 12 powerful techniques, applying which any woman will fully control her relationship.

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